Our Tete Company’s exploration group  is the managing partner and founder of the Ber-Oner Company, and  headquartered in İstanbul since 1987, from the discovery of Sebinkarahsiar zinc mine in Blacksea region in the 1987s to Munella copper deposit in Albania and Emarat zinc deposit in  2000s, Tete Company’s exploration group  has a long history of successful global exploration and international mine development. 

The management and staff have years of experience in this field and currently we are one of the major producer of lead-zinc and copper minerals in Turkey. The Company's exploration group and Partners are  separated from one another  in Agust 2005. The company’s exploration group  changed its name to  Tete Mining in 2005, that is established in honour of our late mining engineer collegue Mr  Mustafa Tete.

Our current focus of exploration is principally in Balkans Region (Albania,Kosovo,Makedonia), Turkey and Central Asia with smaller programs in other highly prospective areas, on basic metal minerals: copper, zinc-lead and chromite.


Zinc deposit in Turkey, We have estabilished zinc project in Keban, Sebinkarahisar and Kale lead-zinc deposit in Turkey since 1987. The Sebinkarahisar  Mine was in production for 20 years.

As explained above our team is higly experienced and qualified in mineral mining and processing plants.

Usally Mining Projects are located in an extremely poor reagion of Countries, which we are sure will eventually improve living standards of Country citizens inhabiting in their reagion. Balkanian, Asian and Tuskish citizens have lived through similar cultures as a result extremely warm  cooperation prevails among our citizens.

We respectfully submit our mining experiences to your evaluation and consideration.

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