Mining - Albania

We as BER-ONER & TETE MINING and MARBLE group, have been working in mining sector for more than 20 years.

We as BER-ONER & TETE MINING and MARBLE group, have been working in mining sector for more than 20 years. We have and are still operating several mines from Albania to Iran. We have built 4 factories in  Iran and Albania, and after that we began investing also in the marble sector.

Our team which consists of engineers from Turkey – Bulgaria and Albania, have visited from Balkan to Asia for a few times since 2000, and visited the lead – zinc – copper – nickel and chromite metals and also marble quarries.

In Albania, we have established Muenella Copper project (have driven more than 5,000m tunnels, 250,000t/year capacity plant, under the name BERALB)  and now working on Spac Copper Project  (%100 owned under the name TETEALB, Geological reserves 3,6 million tonnes production in 10 years, currently installing the plant) , and we have prepared feasibility projects for Vlahna and Perolaj Chromite Project, Bitinzqa Nickel Projects. We have been working in Albanian government without any problem, since we both have cultural and friendly connections. Also in 2006 we have prepared a feasiblity study for the Bulqiza Chromite mine.

In Macedonia, we were involved in the tender of Sasa and Toranica Lead and Zinc Mine, biggest lead and zinc project in Europe and we were the second company. We also studied Bucim Copper Project , Kavadarci Nickel Project and several marble projects.

In Kosovo, we have visited the mines that we mentioned in Kosovo. We want to strenghten our projects in the Balkans and especially Kosovo.

Copper deposit in Albania, the association between TeteCompany's exploration group and Albania Government began in 2000, we both have cultural and friendly connections, when Tete teams and one industry partners acquired a shareholding from Ber-Alb Limited. The Company has established Muenella Copper project since 2001 (have driven more than 5,000m  gallarys, and 250,000t/year capacity copper concentration plant, under the name BERALB).

Tete Albania (TeteAlb) is a mining service company managing all of Tete’s interests in Albania. TeteAlb is owned 100 percent by Tete. TeteAlb manages interests including exploration, government relations, taxes and other services. TeteAlb is headquartered in Tirana.

TeteAlb has developed Spac Copper deposit Project in North East Albania. (Geological reserve 3,6 million tonnes ore production in 10 years, current capacity of the planned concentration mill).

Usally Mining Projects are located in an extremely  poor reagion of Countries, which we are sure will eventually improve living standards of Country citizens inhabiting in their reagion. Balkanian, Asian and Tuskish citizens have lived through similar cultures as a result extremely warm  cooperation prevails among our citizens.

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